tell the answer till tonight. Reflect- What would you do if you find your family indulging in frequent fights?

Dear Student,
Given below is the answer to your question.

If a family is constantly indulging in family fights, they need to first sit down together and communicate well. They need to openly talk with each other and discuss the problems. If things don't get better, they need to seek counselling and find a healthy solution out. There should be an attitude of forgiveness and love in the first place and no preconceived judgement about others should be in the mind.

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Thank you. 

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Sorry cannot answer your question as I have never faced this situation in reality.
:( :(
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I too have never faved this type of situation. Its a strange phenomena. Hahahaha.
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guys this is a moral type question you need to explain this with respect of moral value/education you gained
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