Tell the answers:-
1. You sit on me but do not carry me.
2.I am the ocean that looks like 'S'.
3.You wear me to be safe on the road.
4.You use me in summer season very frequently.
​5.You keep your books stacked on me.

Re-arrange the letters to form words:-
1. sitcethmma  2.flutterby  3.rotegarirfer  4.rehtaf  5.eromht  
{hints:1.You do calculations.
           2.I look beautiful when I open my wings.
           3.You keep food in me in order to preserve.
           4. Head of family.
          5. Wife of head of the family.}

Solve these questions correctly.

1. arithmetic (one letter is 'r' instead of 's')
2. butterfly
3. refrigerator
4. father
5. mother

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