Tell the gerund and participle in these sentences

Tell the gerund and participle in these sentences J. underline the gerunds and circle the participles in these sentences. 1. Sahil's behaviour was irritating. 2. Having completed sorne housework, I went out to play. 3. Listening is as important as speaking. 4. Neeraj was scolded for coming home late. 5. Seerna gave her doll and skipping rope to the crying child. 6. When did you begin learning karate? 7. Nikhil loves collecting photographs of athletes. 8. The injured passenger was crying for help.

Dear Student,
Given below are the answers to your questions.
  1. irritating - participle
  2. having - participle
  3. listening - gerund
  4. coming - participle
  5. crying - participle
  6. learning - participle
  7. collecting - participle
  8. crying - participle
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