• Test solution Effect on turmeric solution Remarks
  1. Lemon juice No colour change Acidic

  2. Orange juice No colour change Acidic

  3. Vinegar No colour change Acidic

  4. Milk of magnesia Red Basic

  5. Baking soda Red Basic

  6. Lime water Red Basic

  7. Sugar nocolour change Neutral

  8. Common salt No colour change Neutral

What about sugar and common salt with turmeric solution? How do we conclude about the nature?

Turmeric solution doesnot change colour in acidic and neutral solutions. 
To identify the nature of sugar solution and salt solution, pour these solutions separately in a basic solution. Since, they are neutral, no reaction will take place but if they were acidic nuetralization reaction would have taken place and the container would become warm. 

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Dear Krish,

On turmeric solution or on turmeric paper

1) Sugar will not change colour because it is neutral.

2) Salt will turn green because it is base and its foromula is NaoH (Sodium Hydroxide)

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