Tetan Gupta sir (Meritnation Expert),
You had answered one of my questions before 5 minutes, But, I am unable to understand that answer, it is very complex and  short to understand. 

The question was:

Perform an experiment or an activity to show that  "Rolling friction < Static friction".


Dear Student,
Ok, no problem. My this explanation will clear your doubt more efficiently.
First of all see,
The force of friction depends on the area of contact between the two surfaces. As the area of contact is less in the case of rolling than in the case of sliding, this is the reason for rolling friction is less than sliding friction.
Activity- take two bodies of the same weight but one circular in shape and the other flat in shape.
Then we apply a force to move them further.
We will see that the body circular in shape will move easily and the body flat in shape will require more effort.
This proves that the rolling friction is less than the static friction.



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