textual question answers of canterville ghost

Please i want thiis answer from meritnationb experts-

1)list the commercial products used in the story what thematic purpose do they serve.

2)contrast between british and american temperaments

3)use of irony and it's purpose in the story

4)what was the ghost;s plan ti frighten virginia's lover.

5wqas the ghost romantic while describing the garden of death if yes how??????

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Why were all other saying that mr Otis made a big mistake by buying the canterville house


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because the chase was hounted

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These are some questions which are important from my point of view.

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6) Mrs.Otis thought that something was spilt on the floor. but mrs.umney described it as the blood of Lady Eleanore de canterville,who was murderd on the very same spot by her husband sir simon de canterville.
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5)they were received by Mrs.Umney,the housekeeper. she led them to the library where the tea was laid for them.
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why do you think the condition were ideal suit the ghost purpose?
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sir please answer the grammar ka

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