thanks Amrita Hazra(MeritNation Expert) but we have to find the type of noun clause.

noun clause.

adverb clause.

adjective clause.

A noun clausehas a subject and verb. It functions as a noun in a sentence. 

For instance, 

In the sentence, 'The Namesake is written by Jhumpa Lahiri,' The Namesake is the name of a book and thus considered to be a noun. However, if the sentence would have been 'The book I was reading last nightis written by Jhumpa Lahiri' then the entire underlined part would be a noun clause which would act as a noun. 

An adverb clauseis a dependant clause which functions as an adverb in a sentence. It has a subject and verb. Finally an adverb clause always answers either of the following questions: How, When or Why?

For example, 

In the sentence, 'You should reach the station as quickly as possible if you don't want to miss your train', the underlined part of the sentence is an adverb clause.

An adjective clause is a dependant clause which act as an adjective in a sentence. 

For instance, take a look at this sentence: 

Students who are intelligent get good grades.

Students whom I admire want to become English teachers.

Here, the adjective clause is underlined and modifies the subject "students."


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