The 1st two questions:

1. Hitesh went to an exhibition and saw a stall marked laughing room. When he entered, he found that the shall had number of mirrors on all four sides. As people entered and saw their own images, they had fits on laughter because their images looked amusingly distorted. Why did the mirrors produce such distorted images?

2. While making a kaleidoscope if you want to increase the number and intricacies of designed formed. What would you do ?

Dear Student,
Post multiple queries in different threads, as due to the paucity of time we can solve both queries.
The answer to the first query is below,
1) The images are distorted as the reflection produced by the mirrors present there are irregular.
Due to the deformity of the mirror surface, the image produced by them also get deformed.
The surface of those mirrors are also not flat, they get bulge out and bulge in, which generated deformed images.


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