The ancient unit for measuring length using ?foot-step?

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The ancient ways of measurement of length are :
(i) Using body parts (fist, foot) 
(ii) Barley, corns and the rod
(iii) Polar quadrant survey
For measuring curved surfaces first they take a thread and put it on the curved line such that it coincides with the curved line and now secondly by measuring the length of the thread after cutting the rest of the non-coinciding thread they can measure the length of a curved line. 
But drawback of this was, it was not to scale. Thread could be folded anywhere which could lead to inaccurate reading. So there was need to adopt accurate measurement methods. 


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Sucheta Sarkar,

Footsteps is one of them. SI units (systeme International d? units) in French are used to get accurate length.

Other details you can find below.

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