The answers should be written in 120-150 words only.
  a. How did Anne get her diary? How did it make her life a bit
     comfortable and easy?
  b. Give a brief description of the members of the Frank family.
  c. Trace the first years of Anne’s schooling.
  d. Why was the ‘Secret Annexe’ the ideal hideout?

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Please find below the solution to your first query:
Anne received the diary as a birthday present from her parents. She had gone along with her parents when it had been bought to the child in her it doesn't count. The diary was among other presents kept in the living room and the diary was the first thing she saw which considered to be one of her nicest presents. Anne had a picture perfect childhood with no care in the world apart from the different happenings in school and the everyday worries of adolescent life. She cherished the diary which shows that valued such things much more than girls her age who are always hankering after dresses and trinkets. She was a voracious reader and an insightful writer,hence the diary was important to her.

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She got her diary as her birthday present.
anne's mothers name was Edith frank, her fathers name was Otto frank and she had an elder sister and her name was Margot frank
she was sixteen years old.margot was considered to be smart,kind,pretty and a darling of her parents.she was a sensible,obedient young girl. She was very good in studies . She was quite similar to her mother in terms of disposition.
anne referred to her father as the most adorable father. He was the only survivor of his immediate family to have survived the holocaust dying much later in 1980. Otto was a man of frugal means, always putting the needs of others before him. 
she was a quiet and reserved person:a nervous sort, unambitious and sentimental. She was a peaceful person. But she was not very close to anne even though she was her mother as anne and edith were different in terms of personality and outlook. 

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The diary made her life comfortable and easy because she found it difficult to share her personal thing with her mother as she was not very close to her and also her father , though she loved her a lot but was not comfortable in sharing things with him Anne loved her diary ..
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