the chief vice of the protagonist in the story " rattrap" is temptation. Do you agree ? would the peddlar  have committed crimes of stealing and impersonation , if he was  not led to temptation ? give reasons in support of your answer .

Dear student,

The rattrap has been depicted as the symbol of the whole world with its lands, seas, cities and villages. The world seems like a big rattrap to the peddler who thinks it does not have any other purpose but to set baits for people. It offers riches and joys, shelter and food, heat and clothing, exactly as the rattrap offers cheese and pork to the rat. But as soon as anyone lets himself be tempted to touch the bait, it closes in on him and then everything comes to an end. The peddler did not respect the confidence that the crofter had reposed in him by showing him his money. The peddler smashed the window panes, procured the pouch, stole the notes and hung the leather pouch back in its place. Then, he walked away with the money. It was his greed and inability to ward off temptation that made him do such a thing.


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