The collector plate in an experiment on photoelectric effect is kept vertically above the emitter plate. Light source is put on and a saturation photo current is recorded. An electric field is switched on which has a vertically downward direction :-
(1)    The photo current will increase
(2)    The kinetic energy of the electron will increase
(3)    The stopping potential will decrease
(4)    The threshold wavelength will increase
please explain


Dear student
a)as saturation value of current has been obtained so when  an electric field is applied it will apply force on the electron from the emitter to the collector plate which will increase the kinetic energy of the electron .The phote current remains unchanged as number of photonsfalling per second is constant and saturation value of current is already function of the metalisW=hcλso the threshold wavelength also remains same.stopping potential will increase as the energy of the electron is increased so to stop them more amount of work need to be done or  potential should be increasedregards

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The kinetic energy of electron will increase as kinetic energy is dependent on the applied potential difference.
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