The correct order in which the sexual cycle of fungi occurs is:

(a) plasmogamy, dikaryon, karyogamy, meiosis

(b) plasmogamy, karyogamy, dikaryon, meiosis

(c) dikaryon, karyogamy, meiosis, plasmogamy

(d) plasmogamy, karyogamy, meiosis, dikaryon

Dear student,

The sexual cycle of the kingdom fungi involves the three phases:

1) Plasmogamy
It is the process of the fusion of the cytoplasm. It involves the fusion of the protoplasts of the gametes or the sex cells which are compatible in nature. Thus, because of this, the two compatible nuclei come close to each other.

2) Karyogamy
It is the process of the fusion of the nucleus. It leads to the formation of the diploid nucleus. The structure is called dikaryon which divides mitotically along with the division of the cytoplasm. Later on, the two nuclei of the dikaryon fuse to form a diploid zygote.

3) Meiosis 
It is the reductional type of the cell division. The zygote formed in the karyogamy phase goes reductional division or meiosis and thus forming haploid meiospores.

The correct sequence of sexual events that takes place in a fungus include - Plasmogamy, karyogamy, dikaryon and meiosis. 
Therefore, the correct option is 'b'.


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