The cost of tiling of a path surrounded to a square is Rs 1000 at the rate of Rs 10 per sq m. If the length of the square is 10m. Find out the perimeter of the path outside?

Given, length or side of square = 10 m

Therefore, perimeter of square path = side + side + side + side = 4 × side

= 4 × 10 = 40 m

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i m not sure but i think its 400rs

if it was pls give me thmbs up but pls don't give me thumbs down

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meritination expert plzz reply as fast as could cause my exam is on 10 feb

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 n nitish thxx 4r ur reply bt i myself don't know d answer

and i request meritination expert to answer wid the whole process so tht it will be easy 2 understand

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