The data given below gives the photon energy (in eV) for a number of waves whose wavelength values (in nm) are also given.

Wavelength (in nm) 200 400 600 800 1000 1200

Photon Energy (in eV) 6.216 3.108 2.072 1.554 1.243 1.036

(Without doing any calculation/taking any reading), explain how one can use this data to draw an appropriate graph to infer

(i) photon energy corresponding to a wavelength of 100 nm.
(ii) the wavelength value (in nm) corresponding to a photon energy of 1 eV.
(iii) velocity of light assuming that the value of Plank’s constant is known.

iii. velocity of light = photon energy*1.6*10-19 * wavelength/ h
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