the data stored in the computer may be stolen or modified to achieve personal motives. discuss the type of risk highlighted in the given statement . Also discuss how we can provide protection against such risks

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It is a data storage risk. Data storage risk means that the information stored in computers can be misused by hackers for their selfish motives or for fun. VIRUS and hacking are common threats to data stored in a computer. VIRUS disturbs the functioning of system and cause damage to data. Hacking means unauthorised access to computer with the aim of modifying or deleting some data.

The following measures can be taken to provide safety against such risks:
1) An anti virus software must be installed and updated to computer system to protect the system from virus attack.
2) Cryptography and Encryption of data must be done to avoid unauthorised access.


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The type of business risk involved is a human cause. The information stored in the computer can be stolen is hacking amd viruses. So in order to stop people from these kind of factors the firm needs to install antivirus softwares, firewalls etc.
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