the de broglie wavelength of the electron ejected out when the radiation of energy 'E' strikes on the metal surface having threshold frequency equal to half of incident frequency is?

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Let the Work function be W, incident energy be E and the kinetic energy of the emitted electron be K.

E = hν , h = planck's constant ,ν = frequencyW = hν2K = 12mu2, m = mass of electron, u = velocitySo, By photoelectric effect, E = W + KK = E - W = hν-hν2 = hv = E2Now, K =E2= 12mu22 × E2 = mu2Em =m2u2=p2 , where  p = momentumSo, p = Em.

Now, According to De Broglie's Equation,

λ = hp, where λ=De Broglie's wavelength of the emitted electronSo, from above,λ=hEm

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