The development of bioreactors is required to produce large quantities of products.
(a) Give optimum growth conditions used in bioreactors.
(b) Draw a well labelled diagram of simple stirred - tank bioreactor.
(c) How does a simple stirred - tank' bioreactor differ from sparged stirred - tank' bioreactor?

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1. Bioreactor is an apparatus in which a biological reaction or process is carried out. The chemical reactions take place in presence of microorganisms in this bioreactor. It can be aerobic or anaerobic. Sterile air (oxygen bubble) is poured inside a bioreactor to prevent the cake like layer of biomass over the liquid. Bioreactor helps to mix the nutrients well with water and keeps the fermentation homogeneous. The condition such as temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen levels and agitation rate varies according to the type of microorganisms and bioreactor are used.


Simple stirred bioreactor Sparged stirred bioreactor
The stirrer facilitates even mixing and oxygen availability throughout the bioreactor. Air is bubbled through the reactor, there is an increased surface area for oxygen transfer, as the bubbles increase the oxygen transfer area.


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