The diagram represents an experimental setup to demonstrate a certain process.
Q 1. What would you observe in the experiment after an hour or so?
Q 2. What control experiment can be set up for comparison?
Q 3. Keeping in mind the root hair,cell and its surroundings name the parts that correspond to I) concentrated sugar solution,II) parchment paper and III) water in beaker

Dear Student

(1) After an hour or so, the level of sugar solution in the thistle funnel will rise and the level of water in the beaker will drop slightly.

(2) To set a control for this experiment, the same setup should be taken with plain water filled in both beaker and the thistle funnel with the cellophane paper tied on its mouth and inverted in the beaker will also contain water.

(3) (i) Concentrated sugar solution: Cytoplasm of the root hair cell.

(ii) Parchment paper: Cell membrane, that is, the semi-permeable membrane.

(iii) Water in the beaker: water in the soil.


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