The diary of Anne Frank throws a light on the teacher student relationship,class atmosphere and discipline. Write a paragraph on the importance of these aspects in our classrooms in about 120 to 150 words?
Chapter name
From the diary of anne frank
Anne frank
Book name
First flight

Dear student,

' The Diary of Anne Frank' throws light on teacher-student relationship. Anne seems to get along well with her teachers. Her attitude at the beginning of her diary, though sprinkled with a bit of adolescent angst and annoyances, is generally good-natured and she seems to have that attitude in interactions with her teachers. The main story she tells involving a teacher is when Mr. Keesing, aggravated by Anne's incessant talking during class, assigns her a series of essays as punishment. Rather than complaining about it, she writes the task in verse. After reading it, Mr Keesing allows Anne to talk in class and even makes jokes himself. Perhaps, he understands that being a tyrant in class does not help the teaching-learning process at all. Discipline does not imply a 'Hitler-like' rule! There has to be some freedom of expression for true learning to take place.


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