The electron in hydrogen atom moves around the proton with a speed of 2.2 x 106 m/s in a circular orbit of radius 5.3 x 10-11m. calculate?
1. The equivalent current?
2. Equivalent dipole moment?
3. The magnetic field at the site of proton.

Dear Student,
Speed of the electron, v = 2.2 x 106 m/s 
Radius of the circular orbit, R = 5.3 x 10-11m
Charge of the electron, e = 1.6 x 10-19C

Number of revolutions made by the electron in 1s, n = v2πR=2.2×1062×3.14×5.3×10-11=6.61×1015 revolutions
Equivalent current, I = ne=6.61×1015×1.6×10-19=1.06 mA

Equivalent dipole moment, p=e×R=1.6×10-19×5.3×10-11=8.48×10-30 C-m

The magnetic field at the site of proton.:
B=μoI2R=4π x 10-7×1.06×10-32×5.3×10-11=1.256×10=12.56 T

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