The festival of light diwali brings cheer to people but leaves the environment ailing with the huge cover of population over the city .Your class has undertaken an awareness campaign to save the environment Different group of students have been assigned task to dear with different aspect of issue .How ever some students of your group are not doing the task assigned to them . which makes your team lag behind . how can you make those students interested in that

make them to do it
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by talking to them politely and tell them to do it 
warning them
talk to their parents about it
be friendly with them
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explain to them that this is for their own good and it will save the environment. it will also save them from conditions such as asthma
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but we cant make core of people understand 
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First we have to make them understand that we should save earth from global warming. 

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To make them interest in a particular task or subject, we can enact some real life problems related to the topic you are given OR we can make interesting stories of that particular topic OR if there are multiple task in the topic you are given give them the fun task.
- Afifa Mannan
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