The following is the report of urine analysis of a person. Study the same and answer the
questions that follow.
Test/Method Result /Units Range
24 hrs. Creatinine 2.7 mg/day 1-2
24 hrs. Uric acid 800 mg/day Up to 600
24 hrs. Phosphorus 0.8 mg/day Up to 1g
Sodium 140 mmoles/L 125-250
Potassium 50 mmoles/L 25-100
Osmolality 180 mmoles/L 100-600
Glucose 65 mg/dl 50-80
Chlorides 128 mmoles/L 120-130
Urea 35 gm/day 20-30

i) What are the materials needed to be removed from our body?
ii) From where do these materials removed?
iii) Which organs separate excretory materials? Give examples of excretory wastes.
iv) Explain the term excretion

Dear Student

According to the data provided
i) Creatinine, uric acid and phosphorous needs to be removed from the body.

ii) Creatinine is produced by muscle activity. This is removed by kidneys. 
Purine are broken down to uric acid in blood, blood removes it by urinating.
Some foods like beans, nuts, cereals gives us phosphorous which enters into intestine. Kidneys helps to remove phosphorous from the body.

iii) Different organs work to removes waste from the body like lungs and kidneys. Our lungs excrete carbon dioxide and kidneys urea. But, kidney is the main excretory organs of the human body.

iv)  Excretion is a biological process by which metabolic waste products and toxic materials are removed from the body of an organism. While as osmoregulation is the process of maintaining an optimal, constant osmotic pressure in the body of a living organism.


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