The following table given the value of the angle of deviation for different values of the angle of incidence, for a triangular prism : Angle of incidence 33°, 38°, 42°, 52°, 60°, 71° Angle of deviation 60°, 50°, 46°, 40°, 43°, 50° (a) For what value of the angle of incidence, is the angle of emergence likely to be equal to the angle of incidence itself

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    In the experiment of prism, we check the values of deviation for different values of incident angles. Before going to plot the graph with given values, here i want to mention the relation of incident angle and the angle of deviation. These two parameters are related according the following relation.
δ = i+e-A
δ = Angle of deviation,
i = Angle of incidence,
e = Angle of emergence,
A = Angle of prism.
   According to the condition, If the angle of incidence is equal to angle of emergence, then the angle of deviation is minimum.
δmin=2i - A
Here if we plot the graph ( in below figure i plotted), 

we can observe that δmin=400 is at an incident angle i = 520.
So, Angle of emergence and Angle of incidence are equal and their values are,
i = e = 520

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For 52° angle of incidence and angle of deviation is minimum that is 40°. And in that case angle of incidence is always equal to angle of emergence.
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