The four arms ABCD of a Wheatstones network have the following resistances:

AB = 2 Ω, BC=4 Ω, CD= 4 Ω and DA= 8 Ω. A galvanometer of resistance 10 Ω is

connected between B and D. Find the current through the galvanometer, when

the potential difference between A and C is 5 V.

Applying Kirchoff's current law at node B we get;
(V1-5)/2  +  (V2-V1)/10  -V1/4 = 0 

Applying Kirchoff's current law at node D we get;
(V2-5)/8  +  (V1-V2)/10  -V2/4 = 0 

from here we get the values of V2 and V1 as 14.28 volt , 3.57 volt
Current comes out to be: (​14.28 volt - 3.57 volt)/10 =1.071 ampere

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