'The fundamental rights are justifiable and are protected by the court'. In the light of above statement explain constitutional remedies

Judiciary is the supreme guardian of our Fundamental Rights. Article 32 , that is Right to constitutional Remedies allows individual to challenge any law of the central or state government or any policy decision of the executive if it violates our fundamental rights.

a. In such case, the Supreme Court or the high court has the power to issue writs, which is their prerogative. It is the written formal document an order or a direction issued by for the enforcement of fundamental rights. They are issued by the Supreme Court or the High Court.They are issued by the higher authority to the lower authority to follow a particular course of action.

b. The Judiciary is the watchdog of our Democracy. It prevents the misuse of power by the government or by any official if it violates the fundamental rights of the people.

c. The power of the Judicial review where the Judiciary interprets the constitution and can declare any law of the parliament or any action of the executive null or void if it goes takes away or limits the Fundamental rights of the citizens.

d. Judiciary can also award compensation to the victims and punishment to the violators.

e. Under Public Interest Litigation (PIL), any citizen or group of citizens can approach the Supreme Court or a High Court for the protection of public interest against a particular law or action.

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