The ghost had never encountered another ghost. Elaborate the ghost's desire to befriend another ghost. Write these in 100-150 words.

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For three hundred years the Ghost had lead a lonely life in the Canterville Chase. When the twins constructed a false scepter, as expected, the Canterville Ghost was frightened; because he had never seen a ghost before. However, he soon reconciled with the fact that another ghost has taken up residence in the house and he wanted to befriend it. When the Ghost discovered that he had been tricked by the twins, he was aghast. Once again he had to return to his lonely existence. 

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here is the incidence when the twins decided to frightened the ghost by themself becoming the ghost the ghost at once git very frightened.but than.he decided to handshake wid ghost in order to threaten the but after that he get to know that it was only the twins who.were making befool of him
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