The given figure depicts the atomic structure of element X. write its atomic number, atomic mass, valence electrons and valency whether it is a metal or a non metal. 

Atomic number = 8
Atomic mass = 18
Valency = 2
It is a non-metal as it gains electrons to complete its octet.

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Atomic no.8 atomic mass 16
Valence electrons2
Valency 2 non metal
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atomic number=8
atomic mass=16
valence electron=6
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The given diagram represents oxygen element. The atomic number of oxygen is 8 as the atomic number = Number of protons present in the nucleus of the atom. The atomic mass is 16 as Atomic mass = Number of protons + Number of Neutrons present in the atom.
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Valence electrons are 6 and the Valency is 2,6
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The given figure depicts the atomic structure of element X. Its atomic number is 8, atomic mass is 16, and valency is 6 and it is a non metal.
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atomis number - 8
atomic mass number - 8+10 = 18
valence electrons - 0(stable)
non metal
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its atomic no is 8 as it has 8 protons.Atmic mass is 18 as proton and neutron are 8 and 10 respectively.The outer most shell has 6 electron so valence electrons are 6.Sice valence electron are 6 then valency is equal to needs to gain 2 electrons.This implies that the element is a non metal
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