The governor and the prison officers reveal the softer side of the law enforcing authorities . For all their intelligence as well as miscalculations they are caring men. Bring out the values they present.(value based question)

give new answer in 5 marks in easy simple language

Dear student,

The governor and the prison officers let Evans get educated in German and also, let him take an O-Level exam despite knowing that he was famous for breaking the prison cell, this tells us that there was a soft side to their being as well, which let a prisoner lead a normal life but inside the cell. They were careful enough to not let Evans break the prison and even after he tricks them they are once again able to track him down. Though their efforts do not completely pay off in the end and Evans manages to escape, the officers put in all their efforts to first help a prisoner get educated as per her wish and later tracking him down after his escape. They miscalculated a lot of moves but their intelligence can not be neglected.


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