'the impact of globalisation has not been uniform '. explain the statement.

The impact of globalisation has not been uniform among producers and workers. Producers have the option of now being able to shift their production from one country to another to cut down costs. However, the same cannot be said about the workers as their options are limited. Workers have to work long hours to meet demands. Their safety needs are often compromised. The hire and fire policy has also made their situation difficult by rendering uncertain employment. Producers often outsource or subcontract the work to countries where production is cheaper and raw material is available. Workers are often deprived of social security measures that are a part of regular jobs. Producers are liable to take advantage of markets where labour is surplus. This provides them with cheap labour at low wages while it is detrimental to the interests of workers.

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“The impact of globalisation has not been uniform”. The truth of this statement can be verified if we observe the impact of MNCs on domestic producers and the industrial working class. Small producers of goods such as batteries, capacitors, plastics, toys, tyres, dairy products and vegetable oil have been hit hard by competition from cheaper imports. Also, workers are now employed “flexibly” in the face of growing competition. This has reduced their job security. Efforts are now on to make globalisation “fair” for all since it has become a worldwide phenomenon.

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 1. MNC's have increased their production in india 

2. MNC's hve been interested in industries such as cell phones ,automobiles ,electronics, soft drinks , fast food services n banking .These products hve well-off buyers .

3.In these industries ans services ,new jobs hve been created

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