The internet has opened up the world and has played a major role in its development. Write an email to your friend explaining the effects of internet in your life as a student and lives of other students. Follow CODER (120-150 words) Value points or de email has a whole pls



 Date: 25 April, 20xx.

 Subject: Impact of internet on a student's life

 Dear PQR,

 I hope you have recovered from the bout of viral fever you suffered last week.

 Computers and internet are perhaps the most vital and influential invention of the modern age. As a student, I have benefited greatly from access to unlimited information regarding various topics on the internet. I have made many projects, answered many questions and understood many concepts, thanks to educational sites like Meritnation. The internet also provides a means of connecting with one's friends and relatives through social networking sites. In the recent times, it has become a powerful medium for garnering support for a socially relevant cause.

At the same time, it has proved to be a distraction for students who waste their time chatting with friends or playing games. They lose focus and end up performing poorly. The key lies in judicious use of the facilities provided by internet!

 Give my regards to your parents. Looking forward to meet you next month.

 Yours lovingly,


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FROM: Manshi

TO: Bhuvana

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Date and time: 24/04/2014, Thursday. 8:15pm

Subject: Major role played by Internet.

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Dear friend,

How are you? I am and well and good and hope the same from you. Hope your studies are going well. You know very well what is internet but I wanted to share my experience with you about the effects of entenet in my life.

Internet is just not a thing which is full sites but its something that which have opened up the world with exterme knowledge. Know-a-days students don't need teachers as they study everything from intenet itself. Internet have provided every satisfictional work for all students. But at the same it have spoiled many students life. Students spend most of their time in social networks like facebook, twitter, orkut etc. and waste their time. Even I spent most of my time in facebook and studied well and I lost marks. Many girls lost their lives beacuse of internet. Cyber crimes like phishing etc. developing in internet. Now I have stopped using facebook and I am very much alert in using internet and I have started to get good marks.

I hope you have understood my words. And remember '' A student must know how to use internet and how should be alert in using internet''. I belive that you will be carefull and alert in using internet. Okay, now I will end my e-mail, do send a e-mail. Take care, BYE! BYE!

Yours lovingly



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