The Lilliputians had strange social practice. Do you agree? What do you learn about their burial practice and the rope dance activity?

Yes, it is true that the Lilliputians had strange social practices. One of them was that their children were not raised by their parents but they were raised by the kingdom. Parents were not at all responsible for raising their children. They also did not live with their children.

Another practice was to bury the dead with their heads pointing directly downwards because they believed that eventually the dead will rise again and that the Earth, which they think is flat, will turn upside down.

They also had a rope dance activity where r
ope dancing was performed by Lilliputians who wanted to seek employment in the government.  It was like a competition among the candidates. Whenever a vacancy occurred, the candidates entertained the emperor with a dance, and whoever jumped the highest earned the office. The current ministers continued this practice as well, in order to show that they had not lost their skill.

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