The little girl
1) How did kezia make a pincushion for her father?
2) why did kezia punished by her father.
3) what order were pass to kezia in the evening when father return home from office?

Dear Student,
Given below are the answers to two of your question. Kindly post the other question in a new thread.

1) Kezia's grandmother gave her the idea of preparing a gift for her father as his birthday was about to come. Kezia decided to make a pin cushion for him. She started by taking a beautiful piece of yellow silk, stitched it on three sides with double cotton and left one side open for the stuffing. She couldn't find anything to stuff the cushion with, so she went searching in her Mom's bedroom and finally found a nice stack of papers. She then tore them into pieces and stuffed it in the pin cushion, stitched the last side and her beautiful gift was ready.

2) Kezia was punished by her father because she had torn his important documents to prepare the pin cushion.

Hope this information will clear your doubts about topic.
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