the lok sabha is more powerful than rajya sabha. explain by giving three reasons?

Both the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha are parts of the Indian Parliament. However, the Lok Sabha enjoys greater powers than the Rajya Sabha.

(1) The Lok Sabha consists of directly elected representatives of the people and hence, it is in direct link with the people.

(2) All money bills can be presented only in the Lok Sabha. The Rajya Sabha has no authority to pass a money bill.

(3) In case of an ordinary law, if there is a difference of opinion between the two houses, then a joint sitting takes place and owing to the greater strength of the Lok Sabha, the opinion of the Lok Sabha generally prevails.

(4) The Lok Sabha controls the government. Only the government that enjoys the support of the Lok Sabha survives. The Rajya Sabha has no say in this matter.

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1.According to Article 75(3) of the indian constitituion,the council of ministers are collectively responsible to the lok sabha and not to the rajya sabha.

2.All the money bills can be introduced only in the lok sabha,after being passed by the lok sabha a bill is sent to the rajya sabha.

3.the speaker is the chairman and the presiding officers of the lok sabha and not of the rajya sabha.

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