The magnification produced by a mirror is 1/3 then the type of mirror is --------------. Explain why?

Since, the magnification sign is positive, it means the image is virtual and erect. Since, the magnitude of magnification is 1/3 < 1, so, the image is diminished. This kind of image is formed by convex mirror.

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it is convex as virtual and diminished image is formed only in convex mirrors.

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itis concave as convex mirror only produces diminished image thumz up pls  

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as magnification is positive....itz a convex mirror...cuz...a positive sign in the value of m indicates that the image is virtual...

AS.(-v/u=1/3 .... but u is -ve nd v is +ve fr images formed by convex mirror)...thus -(v)/(-u) =v/u.

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