the mass of a bucket full of water is 15 is being pulled up from a 15m deep well.Due to a hole in the bucket 6kg water flows out of the bucket.the work done in drawing the bucket out of the well will

Here is the detailed solution for this problem. Remember this question has variable mass so the concept of integration must be used.

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mass of the bucket= 15 kg.
loss in mass= 6 kg (water flows out).
therefore, total mass=15-6 =9 kg.
g = 9.8 m/s2.
s ( distance)= 15m.
therefore, work done (W)=F.s
                                       =m.a.s ( since a=g in this case)
                                       = 1323.0 J

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Answer is 1800 joule
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Answer is 1800 joule , if your are getting 900 joule means you don't consided rate of flow of water at const. Rate
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Here is your ans

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Solution for the above mentioned.

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This is correct.

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1800 joule
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