The moment Of inertia of a rod 6about its axis through the centre and perpendicular t6o it is 1/12ML2.The rod is bent in the m6iddle so that its sides 6make an angle of 60 .the moment of inertia about the sam6e axis 6now 6would be

It has not been mention if the rod is bent in the perpendicular axis or in plane of the  rotating axis!!

Though I am providing the solution:
Noe if the rod is bent.Now, it is making 60 angle with its two sides.It means that one side is at an angle of 30 degree with the rotating axis!Now are knowing that moment of inertia of the rod about its end is = 1/3 ML2So, basically now there are two rods with mass = M/2 and length L/2So now the answer will be there summition:=1/3* (M/2)* (L/2)2 + 1/3* (M/2)* (L/2)2=2/3* (M/2)* (L/2)2 = 2/3*1/2*1/4*ML2=1/12 ML2  it is the same if it is bent in the perpendicular plane to that of axis!

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