the mouse is 20 m away from the burrow and can run at 3 m per sec . a cat spots the mouse and start running it at 6 m per sec .
a] how long it will take the mouse to reach its burrow
b] if the cat is X metre  away from the mouse write an expression which tells how long it will take the cat to reach the burrow.
c] if the cat pounces upon the mouse when it is about to enter its burrow find the value of X
d] interpret your result

Dear Student,Distance between mouse and burrow=20 mSpeed of mouse=3 m per secDistance between cat and burrow=(20+x) mSpeed of cat=6 m per secNow,a) Time=Distancespeed of mouse=203=6.67 secb) Time=Distancespeed of catt=20+x6     (here t is time)c) If cat pounces upon th emouse when it is about to enter the burrow. It means cat also need 6.67 sec to reach the burrow.So, put t=6.67 or 203 sec into result of part (b), we get;t=20+x6203=20+x63(20+x)=20×660+3x=1203x=120-603x=60x=20So, the distance between mouse and cat is 20 m.d) Interpretation of results are done in each part already.Regards. 

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