The number of boys in a tennis club is 10 more than half the number of girls. If there are 40 boys in the tennis club, find the total number of boys and girls in the club.

Suppose the number of girls are x.
So the number of boys = x2+10
So we have;
Therefore the number of girls = 60
And total number of boys and girls = 60 + 40 = 100

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let ht enumber of girls be x

according to queston boys = 40

x +10= 40

x =40-10 =30

no of girls are 30

and boys are40

total = 40+30=70

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we dont know the number of girls so we put it as x

therefore we have a equation 1/2x+10=40






therefore the number of girls in the tennis club is 60

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