The only thing one need to achieve success is practice, practice and practice.

I Believee in this as well as in myself.

many a times while writing the test or exam paper during examination, things get fly away from our mind even after good reading? What should we do to avoid this, to make the best production by our mind in less time completing our activity + 7 star performance.

Dear Student,

As you have mentioned above, the best way to remember is to practise. By practise, it does not mean reading over and over again. The best medicine to memorise is to write down your answers as this will imprint the answers in your mind. Don't stop with one writing. It is a tedious process but guarantees good memory. Also, when you are reading your lessons or your answers, jot down the key points. As you make the final preparations before the examination, read this and go ahead with your examination.

Thank you.

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