The ost of cultivating a square field at the rate of Rs. 160 per hectare is Rs 1440. Find the cost of putting a fence around it at the rate of 75 paise per meter.


        cost of cultivating the field is rs.160 per hectare is 1440

      1 hectare  =   rs.160

       ?  (be x hecatres)           =   rs.1440

      x   = Rs.1440*1 hectare 


      x   = 9 hectares

    hence cost of Rs1440 is for 9 hectares of land


    s be the side of the square field

    area of the field =9hectares

     s2 = 9*10000m2(but hectare is unit of area where 1hectare=10000m2)



    side of square field is 300m

    fence is put along the perimeter of the field 

   perimeter of the field=4s



    cost of fencing=cost per meter * perimeter

                               =75 paise * 1200m


                          cost of fencing=90000paise 


                           cost of fencing=90000/100(here 1 rupee is 100 paise so we divide the                                       derived amount by 100)                                                     


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