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a]my mother,brother,younger sister and i was
b]watching televisions when the lghtnings struck
c]it has been raining since morning and
d]the clouds was thick and dark.when the
e]lightning struck there were a very happy
f]explosion as if some bomb and explode.
g]my sister was reading eonomic and
h]came running to us.i consled him
i]not to worry,and she was greatly scared

1) were
2) television
3) had
4) were
5) was
6) had exploded
7) economics
8) her
9) as
Kindly recheck your passage because it contains more than one mistake in a few lines. Do get back to us in case of any discrepancy.

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  1. were
  2. television
  3. had
  4. were
  5. was
  6. something unclear
  7. economics
  8. her
  9. as
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My mother, brother, younger sister and myself were watching TV when the lightning struck. It has been raining since morning and the clouds were thick and dark. When the lightning struck, there was a very happy explosion as if some bomb had exploded. My sister was learning economics and she came running to us. I consoled her not to worry and she was greatly scared....
This would be my answer....
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