The peddler betrayed the trust of the crofter and was caught in the rattrap of the
world. Temptations should be resisted at any cost. How can this be done?

The peddler cheated the crofter for thirty kronors who served him very well. He got trapped in the rattrap of the world in which the bait was simple three ten kronors note. Due to this, he changed his path to woods which left him into lot of trouble. Hence we can say that temptations should be resisted anyhow as it only lefts the person into guilt and troubles.
Temptations can be resisted only through satisfaction and love of others as if one is satisfied with his/her life then they will not mind even if a very luxurious thing come to tempt them, also as in peddlers case, love can change a person from within just like Edla's love and care changed the peddler.

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