The peddler delete that the whole world is a rat trap. How did he himself get caught in the same ? ( RATTRAP)

The peddler was a very poor man who earned his living by selling rattraps he made himself from the materials he got by begging. His mind, thus, was always preoccupied with rattraps. One day, he suddenly thought of the whole world was a big rattrap. He felt that the shelter, food, clothes, riches and joys that the world provided were all baits set to entrap man just as a rattrap offered cheese or meat to entrap rats. after stealing the old crofter's money, the peddler was pleased with his smartness. He was afraid to walk on public highway so he turned off into the forest to avoid being caught. It was big and confusing forest. the paths went back and forth very strangely. he walked and walked the whole day but realised that he had only been walking in the same part of the forest again and again suddenly he recollected his idea about the world and the rattrap. now his own turn had come. 

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