"THE POEM MOCKS at the process of fair trial and proper judgment." how har do you agree with this statement

The king's sense of justice needed to be tempered with a good measure of wisdom and common sense. Blindly following the laws without exercising any discretion shows foolhardiness rather than intelligence. It shows that his sense of justice was misguided and he was indeed far too just to be fit to rule. The poem does mock the process of fair trial and proper judgement because in reality these things never happen. In fact, the story comes across as a veiled critique of the actual injustices that take place in the name of fair trial and rule of law. A state that is governed by a just and placid king would be an ideal state where the ruler works with a sane head on his shoulder. However, the kingdom that is referred to in the poem is not an ideal state and the ruler takes decisions without thinking them through. A sense of delivering justice and placidity though ideal qualities in a ruler should not be the only ones,he should also have tact,common sense and a certain modicum of intelligence to deal with matters of the state.

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