​The poet attributes many endearing human qualities to animals. Do you think he is justified? Give your views. POEM- IF I COULD TURN AND LIVE WITH ANIMALS. BY WALT WHITMAN

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Given below are some of the differences that the poet points out through the poem.
  • The animals do not sweat or whine about their condition.
  • They do not lie awake in the dark and weep for their sins.
  • The animals are never dissatisfied.
  • The animals do not kneel before other ones of their own race.
  • In contrast to human beings, animals do not always talk about God and their duties towards God. Human beings fight and argues on topics related to religion and simply preach, without practising what they preach. This talk makes the poet sick and he prefers the behaviour of the animals.
  • This comparison is justified because man often places himself far above other creatures, yet his qualities often question this superiority.​
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