The presence of things like ?Letters Du Cachet? and the Bastille give the imperssion that pre-revolutionary France was an authoritarian society that oppressed personal liberty and freedom. To what extent was this true? ( France before 1789) please answer its very urgent?

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 It is true that the pre revolutionary France was authoritarian in nature and we can support it with the following arguments:

a. France before the French revolution was based on strict social stratification, a society based on the system of estates with king at the apex , followed by the nobility  and the common people.
b. The society was based on privileges based on birth, where the clergy and the nobility were exempted from paying taxes.
c. It was a feudal  society  that was characterised by class distinctions and was hierarchical in nature, a society comprising of feudal lords who enjoyed all powers and privileges , where the serfs were bound to render services to the loads and pay taxes and dues.France was  a monarchy where the King believed in the divine rights, people were deprived of civil and political rights

d. The nobility enjoyed the privileges of extracting dues from the peasants and also to get their services.
e, ​Peasants also rendered services to the lord 
–by working in their houses and fields –, they also served in the army and were involved in construction of buildings and roads.The peasants also paid Tiths which was the tax levied by the church .
Letters Du Cachet were in fact were the letters that were symbol of King's despotic rule,
g. They contained orders duly signed by the King to bring about arbitrary action.
h. These orders could not appealed , and ordered people to be imprisoned without a fair trial.
i, Some of the orders also included arbitrary arrest, expulsion, confinement in a Hospital or convent.
j. It was used against the trouble makers, prostitutes etc.

k. Bastille prison again  was symbol of king's despotic power and authority.



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