The Prime Minister is the real executive head of our country. Prove this statement

Prime Minister is the real executive head of our Country. This can be proved by the nature of authority that he exercises.

1. He is the leader of the majority party in the parliament

2. He has the power to summon and preside over the meetings of the cabinet.

3. All the decisions by the cabinet ministers are taken under his leadership.

4. He acts as a chief advisor of the president and advises him on the appointment of the ministers, judges of the Supreme Court and high court and all the other important officials of the government.

5. He is the chief administrator and is responsible for maintaining foreign relations and making foreign policies.

6.His voice is considered to be the final voice in all the decisions of the cabinet and  is the chief spokes person of the government of India.

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its impossible be funny the people are head .

BUT the prime minister enjoys because he is elected by the group of mla's and he has all the power take decisions in india. so he is the head and enjoys his power.

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