The question is:(You recently saw two of youf friends quarrel over a trivial matter. Write a diary entry describing your feelings.)

Please help!

18 August, 2014
10:00 pm

Dear diary,

Today, I was disappointed to see two of my best friends quarrel over a trivial matter.
It all started with Rhia telling Rita how bad her new bag looked! Initially, Rita took the teasing sportingly and did not respond even after being called her bag down market. But, after a while the teasing turned to taunting and Rhia started passing remarks about her overall appearance. One thing led to another, and before I could realise what had happened their verbal fight changed into an exchange of blows.
I was taken aback and jumped between the two. All my efforts to calm them were fruitless. They did separate and there was no more fighting, but cold war continued. I felt upset that they had behaved so childishly and fought over something so petty. I hope that sleep will put some sense into their minds and they will come to school tomorrow with a pledge to become friends again!

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