The Rattrap 1. The peddler betrayed the trust of the crafter and was caught in the trap of the world. Temptation to bait should be resisted at any cost. Write a note on „Strength of Character‟. 2. In the forest, the peddler felt trapped. He even accepted his approaching death. This shows that the burden of guilt of theft of money from the crafter is really heavy upon him. Write a note on Guilt burdens you and disturbs the peace of mind. 3. The Rattrap highlights human predicament / weakness and tendency to fall prey to temptations. In this pursuit, the real aim of life i.e. attaining spiritual heights is lost somewhere. Comment on “Contentment – the purpose of life”. 4. Edla with her love and compassion is a true living example of humanity and brings out the best in the rattrap peddler. Confidence, optimism and kindness may reform weak personalities. Comment. 5. Selfless love, empathy, sympathy and compassion provide a healing touch to the distracted souls. This is evident from the story The Rattrap. Common on the role of human values in bringing about change in one‟s behaviour. 6. The letter of the peddler addressed to Edla is a fine example of purification of soul through confession. He signs himself as Captain Von Stahle, achieving the self esteem. Write an article on “Confession leads to self esteem”. 7. “But of course it is you, Nils Olof. How you do look? Now of course, you will come home with me,” says the iron master. However he proves to be wrong later on. “Impulsive / rash decisions are generally wrong”. Road rage is the burning example of such behaviour. Comment. Indigo 1. Rajkmar Shukla kept following Gandhi for weeks and finally reached his ashram. “Fix a date” he begged. Impressed by the Sharecropper‟s tenacity and story Gandhi agreed. Write an article on determination works wonders. 2. “But Gandhi was not allowed to draw water from the well lest some drops from his bucket pollute the entire sources…..” “Untouchability is a curse”. Write an article in about 100 words. 3. “Where peasants are so crushed and fear stricken law courts are useless. The real relief for them is to be free from fear.” Gandhi. Though the times were difficult but fear has increased their suffering. It happens even today. Write an article on Fear is Man‟s worst enemy. 4. “The officials felt powerless without Gandhi‟s Co-operation. He helped them regulate the crowd”. This shows Gandhi was a great leader. Can good leadership quality help a student in becoming a good citizen in a democracy? 5. “Gandhi signed a receipt for the notice and write on it that he would disobey the order”. With these words Gandhi started a new era in Indian politics. Civil disobedience helped him in achieving freedom from the British without any violence. Write an article on the relevance of Non-violence in modern times. 6. “He saw the cultural and social backwardness in the Champaran villages and wanted to do something about it immediately”. He appealed and many joined from different parts of India to do social work in Champaran. Do you think social service can provide solution to many of the problems faced by Indians like illiteracy, cleanliness, health, environment etc. Comment. 7. “Gandhi in this way taught us a lesson in self-reliance”. Write an article on value of self reliance. 8. “What about the injustice to the sharecroppers”. Gandhi demanded. These words of Gandhi inspired the lawyers to fight for the just cause of the poor peasants. This is a selfless trait of every good human being to fight for justice to the poor and deprived. Write an article on “Fight for justice –need of the hour”. Poets and Pancakes 1. The office boy joined Gemini Studios in the hope of becoming star actor, director, screen writer or a lyric writer. But he was put at the lowest in the hierarchy in the make up department which led to disappointment. The glittering world of films attracts millions of youngsters to Mumbai but most end up in frustration. Write an article on “All that glitters is not gold”. 2. The make up men could turn any decent looking person into a hideous, crimson hued monster …. In modern times, beauty has become a business. Write an article on “Simplicity is Beauty”. 3. The office boy in Poets and Pancakes is jealous of Subbu and so a frustrated soul. Cut throat competition today has led to unreasonable jealously resulting in stress. Do you agree that jealously leads to frustration. Comment. 4. Though well informed, prose writer Asokamitran admits “Prose writing is not and cannot be the true pursuit of a genius”. What trait of character do you come across ? Write a note on “Modesty is the basic human virtue”. 5. Moral Rearmament Army visited Madras in 1952 to instill moral values and left an impact on the audience. Do you think that in the present scenario more MRAs should be formed so that the youth is armed with values. Comment. 6. The make up department of Gemini Studios highlighted an example of national integration. Today we are engaged in disputes over petty issues related to one or the other state. Write an article on “Ways to promote national integration”. The Interview 1. “In its highest form interview is a source of truth, and in practice, an art”. Today we find a lot of intrusion in the private lives of personalities by interviewers. The responsibility of the media person is to project real / true picture of the contemporary society. Write an article on “Media – a source of truth”. 2. We have a lot of empty spaces in our lives. I call them interstices …… I work in these empty spaces. (Umberto Eco). That is the reason that his written output is large. Time is precious and should be utilized to the fullest . Write an article on “Time Management”. 3. Umberto Eco faces the questions of Mukund Padmnabhan confidently and answered all of them honestly. Write an article on “Confidence and honesty – assets of captivating personality”. Going Places 1. Sophie lives in a poor locality in miserable conditions. Even in her house dirt and squalor are all around and it affects the mindset of Sophie. Write an article on “Cleanliness is next to godliness”. 2. Sophie always dreamt of becoming a manager, fashion designer, an actress and owner of a boutique. Though she was earmarked / destined for biscuit factory, dreams are required for growth but day dreams hamper it. Write an article on “Unrealistic dreams – bane to growth”. 3. Like all other teenagers, Sophie lived in world of fantasy and worshipped her soul‟s hero Danny Casey. She goes to the extent of imagining a date with him and feels disappointed – when this realization dawns upon her that it was a waking dream. Write an article on “Self deception leads to depression”. 4. “Now I have become sad, she thought. And it is a hard burden to carry this sadness. Sitting here and waiting” Sophie‟s wild fantasies have led her to a very disappointing situation. She is herself responsible for her frustration . You feel that one has to live in the realistic world. Write an article on adolescent fantasies leading to disappointment. 5. “The small room was steamy from the stove and cluttered with the heavy-breathing man in his vest at the table and the dirty washing piled up in the corner”. This shows that Sophie‟s family belonged to the lower middle class of the society. This has played a role in Sophie‟s fantasizing . How does socio – economic background influence a child‟s development? POETRY SECTION 1) Kamala Das is shattered to see her mother ageing & nearing her death. On the other hand she feels agonized on her inability to take care of her. You feel that youth should take care of the aged. Write an article on Taking care of the aged, our duty. 2) Stephen Spender is pained at the indifferent attitude of the society as well as the authorities towards the poor, who are concerned to lead a life of deprivation, penury and want. You empathize with those children & want something to be done for this section. Comment Education and exposure can change the plight of the poor children. 3) Keeping Quiet is an expression of the poet to silence. He highlights the need of quiet introspection and mutual understanding leading to peace. Do you think that in the present situation keeping quiet may prove the way to peace. Comment. 4) “He prayeth well Who loveth well, all things big & small” (Coleridge) A thing of beauty provides a platform for all to be one with God. Appreciating beautiful things is appreciating God. In the present times man is stressed & you feel that proximity to values (beautiful things) will lead him to everlasting happiness. Comment . 5) The Roadside stand is a pathetic description of poor rural people who find themselves dejected on the breach of trust. The social agencies & political parties though make promises but do not keep them. Robert Frost is in insufferable pain & seeks suggestions from all. As the aware & concerned citizen you feel anguished and pen down your ideas on improving the condition of rural poor . 6) Aunt Jennifer is the representative of exploited women. She succumbs to the tortures & ordeals. In the wake of twenty first century we boast of development but exploit women. Write an article on woman empowerment.  

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